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Wastewater Treatment Refurbishment

During the summer, the Town performed a total end-to-end rehabilitation on the wastewater plant. The entire plant was emptied, cleaned, pressure washed, all rust was removed, and a special anti-corrosion epoxy coating was applied on the entire plant. In addition, the clarifier was rebuilt using stainless steel, a new pre-treatment chamber with new bar screen, and various pipes and pumps were re-plumbd and replaced while the system was offline. The plant is now in better shape than when it was first built almost 20 years ago.  The plant should be relatively maintenance free for another twenty years.  The budgeted cost of the project was $62,000. The project has been completed and the final cost of $49,700 has been paid-in-full using our capital reserve fund.  For reference, the current cost to build an identically sized new plant is about $1.8 million.

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