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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that you would like help answering?  Do you have an improvement suggestion for the Town?

Send your questions, comments and suggestions to Linda Asbell. Responses may be posted below for the benefit of all residents.

Concrete Roads vs. Property Assesment


Will the appraisal district raise home values because of the new concrete roads?


Not right away.  Home values are based on market prices - sales of homes in Lakewood Village.  It is reasonable to expect that the new roads will lead to higher prices for home sales which will result in higher valuations.


Gated Entry


 Is it possible for the Town to install gates at the entrances?


No, the roads are public.  The roads are owned by the Town and are open to everyone for travel.  In some places, an HOA will own the roads and as a private road, they can control access.  However, the HOA is also responsible for the costs of maintaining the roads and gates.


Boat Ramp


Is it possible for the Town to construct a boat ramp and dock facility?


While it is not absolutely impossible, the hurdles to building a boat ramp in Lakewood Village are formidable. As part of the planning process for the lake, the Army Corps of Engineers created two types of usage for the shoreline - wildlife management and recreation. In order to allocate the limited recreation areas, several decades ago the Corps entertained requests from all municipalities interested in obtaining recreation space for their cities. Unfortunately, Lakewood Village did not submit a request. Therefore, the entire Lakewood Village shoreline is designated as wildlife management. In order to convert a portion of our shoreline to recreation, we would need to find a municipality willing to convert a portion of their recreation space to wildlife management so that we could trade.

The other limitation is boat capacity on the lake. The Corps controls boat capacity by allocating a finite number of boat slips and boat ramps. This capacity was also allotted to cities many years ago. Similarly, we would need to find a city willing to give up some of their capacity. Finally, except for a small area near our wastewater treatment plant, the entire Lakewood Village shoreline is privately owned. So we would also need to acquire lakefront property suitable for a boat ramp. So, the three things we need - recreation designation, boat capacity, and lakefront property - are not impossible to get, but they are highly prized by those who already possess them.


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